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    Default Other woodsy scents to try?

    One of my favourite scents still comes from a super cheap (£2.49 for 110ml!) Bottles of aftershave from a UK chemist:

    However of course, it lasts for just minutes. In looking for an EDT to pair with it, I've tried:

    Tsar (which I liked and will get, but not to pair with this, as it's quite different)
    YSL Jazz (harsh and too expensive)
    1881 (found it a little too floral on the drydown for my tastes)

    What else is there? A fresh woodsy barbershop scent?

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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    Have you tried any Guerlain offerings? I feel like Guerlain's Vetiver/Vetiver Extreme and Guerlain Homme or L'Eau Boisee would be good fresh, woody options that are not too expensive.

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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    Splendid Wood perhaps.
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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    Yatagan might be worth a try!
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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    Also adding Yardley Citrus&Wood, TDH Eau Tres Fraiche, YSL pour Homme, a few l'Occitane masculine scents including Verdon and Cedrat, Open by Roger&Gallet
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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    Rasasi Woody. Its woody alright and performs like crazy.

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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    Aramis Devin?

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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    If you enjoy sandalwood, I would suggest Chanel Egoiste.
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    Default Re: Other woodsy scents to try?

    Tdh edp
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