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    Default Re: SOTD: Saturday, 18th May, 2019

    It's been a stormy day, filled with sample organizing. I'm done with the chypres/greens and am about half done with the florals. My sniffer is overloaded! I only just now put on a dab of something -- turned out to be Viktoria Minya Hedonist Iris.

    I think I need to commit to wearing one sample each week. I suspect there are some (re-)discoveries just waiting to be made, given how my fragrance preferences have evolved.

    I did have to make a trip this morning to a gun store to get more ammo cases. The store manager was surprised but then completely tickled when he came over to help me and saw me trying my different samples/decants against the various caliber sizes. I was unsurprised when he said he'd never thought of that use hack.

    ETA: I just dabbed on some Anatole Lebreton L'Eau Scandaleuse. Holy cow! How did I miss this? A really good vintage-done-modern "new" chypre. I think I need to move this one out of my florals box and into the chypres/greens. Notes are bergamot, peach, davana, tuberose, ylang ylang, leather, castoreum, cypriol, oakmoss.
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    Default Re: SOTD: Saturday, 18th May, 2019

    Went with 2007 formulation Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille this evening
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    Default Re: SOTD: Saturday, 18th May, 2019


    a bottle a day keeps the doc away

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