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    Exclamation Handheld Perfume Bottle Crimping Tool

    Hello! I have recently purchased a handheld crimping tool to seal my bottle. It seals the bottle perfectly with no leaks. However, the sprayer is too close to the cap (I have attached pictures) and can only spray a little unlike the other perfumes I have with crimped bottles. This is my first time sealing it on my own. I wonder if collet adjustment has any role in this? I remember watching a demo video on YouTube and it was said there that the handles should be of the same height and are parallel. I noticed that when I did the sealing, the collet was too tight thus, the handles are not parallel. I have adjusted it (see pictures) to be parallel but I have no more bottles as of the moment to test it on. Do you think that this adjustment will solve my sprayer issue? Has anyone else encountered this? Really need your help. Thanks in advance!
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    I’m not sure what you mean by “the sprayer is too close to the cap... and can only spray a little”

    The collet is the part of the crimper that closes around the neck of the bottle and reduces in size when the handle is depressed. The metal of the sprayer unit is then crimped around the glass lip on the neck of the bottle (it is folded around/underneath it). You want to crimp it sufficiently that it makes a good seal, and not so much you break the bottle. Adjusting the handle might help you reliably crimp the bottle, but shouldn’t affect the sprayer.

    What you’re describing sounds more like a fault with the sprayer.
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    Default Re: Handheld Perfume Bottle Crimping Tool

    Well, I have not yet seen that type of crimping hand tool...
    BUT, it seems like that your crimper sets the sprayer up too high, therefore limiting travel of the spray nozzle down, that's why only a little sprays, due to lack of down travel.
    Did the adjustment send the collar down lower when finished and newly made?
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