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    If you had a choice to get any of the killian perfumes for a female. Which will you get?

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    Forbidden Games
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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Forbidden Games
    Thanks I will check that out.

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    Woman in Gold--the only Kilian I have ever liked. They're all well made, but none spoke to me except this.
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    I like Prelude to Love. It's actually a unisex fragrance, but I prefer it on women.
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    +1 for Woman In Gold

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    I went for woman in gold

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    Love Don't Be Shy
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    Hope you enjoy it.

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    I think almost all of Kilian's can be considered unisex...Incense Oud is sensational among the line up.
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    Back to Black.

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    Finally wore this today. It is a beautiful blend of notes. Thanks to everyone who recommended this. I love it.

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    I adore it and boy do I get great longevity from it.

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