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    Default Bluetooth speaker for a beach vacation

    Have a little speaker already, waterproof, a 67 rating on it, and it was not loud at all. In fact, propped it up against a beach shoe and you move more than 10 feet away and can barely hear it. It was a promo I got two years ago at Best Buy for $25 with a $25.00 gift certificate that they mailed me (I had like 10 days to use it).

    Been reading up on a Ulitimate Ears Wonderboom or the UE Megaboom, a Sony Bass something or other, and then an Oonta Angle 3 (#1 rated at Amazon), AOMAIS Sport II or its GO (30 watt speaker).

    Definitely want waterproof and then I need it loud enough for say one of those beach tents or a backyard BBQ,

    Anyone with experience with having one?

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    Cool Re: Bluetooth speaker for a beach vacation

    I wouldn't recommend anything high quality. If you're going to be using it at the beach and it may get wet, yeah, waterproof is a good idea. But if I want music at the beach, I use one of my older, cheaper Bluetooth speakers.
    I wouldn't recommend anything that plays louder than a ten foot radius if you're at a public beach. Not everyone wants to hear your music, especially if it's country music.

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