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    Default Dior Sauvage-Real or Fake

    Hi guys I have 2 testers of Dior Sauvage that I bought for around SGD$70 each/ USD$50+ each. One I have decanted and am already finishing the bottle, whereas the other is still quite full. Both came in plain white boxes with no printing but just the barcode sticker which I discarded earlier.

    6R01 on the left and 7R02 on the right.

    The smell and longevity is what it is supposed to be. Strong scent that lasted a good 8hours. The magnetic caps only closed at the supposed angle and when you rotated it they would come off. The bee logo inside the caps were present too. However, the one on the left had a smoother sprayer than the one the right. And also, the texts underneath the bottle on the left was slightly more visible than the one on the right. Lastly, the atomizer on the bottle on the left had a glossier/ shinier coating than the one on the right (refer to 2nd picture).

    Hope someone can advice Thank you!

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    Default Re: Dior Sauvage-Real or Fake

    They look OK to me from the photos.
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    Default Re: Dior Sauvage-Real or Fake

    Looks fine.

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