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    Default Long lasting designer(?) deodorants


    Does anyone here wear a “designer” deodorant? By designer I merely mean one that possibly has a similar cologne, nothing to do with how expensive it is. Pardon me if it’s the wrong phrase.

    I’m really simple and cliche when it comes to colognes, for example Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, Armani Code, Huge Bods Bottled, Dior Suavge and so on. So do any of you recommend any deodorants that last long and have a nice smell (I hate the smell of high-street deodorant).

    Nothing too expensive, maximum £40 or so.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Edit: Has anyone tried L’Occitane Eau des Baux Stick Deodorant?

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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    Nope. Degree for me.

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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    I've had a few Armani deodorants that came in a gift set. Code and Aqua di Gio. I was surprised they lasted as well as they did. But without an antiperspirant built into it, they only lasted me 4 hours or so. Individually, I think they're between 10 to 15 USD?
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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    Acqua di Parma Colonia and Set Sail St. Bart's by Tommy Bahama deodorants performed surprisingly well, in my experience.
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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    I don't have the Eau des Baux, but I have the Cedrat by L'Occitane. It does not have an antiperspirant, so I only use it in the cooler weather. Smells nice and lasts forever.

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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    Many years back I used to use a Revillon deodorant, I think it was called R de Revillon in an orange can (there's an EDT with the same name) It smelled quite nice and kept body odor in check for a long time. Don't know if they make it any more and I personally haven't used that one for years, but if it's still available, it might be worth checking out.
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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    Thanks for the replies. I use an odourless antiperspirant as I’m not a huge fan of the “drug store smell” lingering around me for years, hence wanting to use a deodorant over to smell better.

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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    So far, had very good experience in terms of outstanding performance with the One Man Show and the Dior Fahrenheit deodorant sprays among others, although must also honestly admit using far many other deodorant brands others far more often and to conclude any details about the performance and scent of these just sporadically (however still enough to allow both make a much better and more lasting impressions)

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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    Yup. Eau des Baux stick deo is good stuff. Mostly in winter, or evenings.

    I also own and use Ferrari Uomo (mild leather) all year round, and Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet in summer.
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    Default Re: Long lasting designer(?) deodorants

    Oscar for Men anti-perspirant deodorant stick.
    Very peppery.

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