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    I want to like this line so much, I really do. I tried the Bergamot and it smelled amazing. I was blown away. After three hours, it's faded down to almost nothing. Damn shame. The opening was an almost Eau Sauvage clone. I was loving it. If only I could have gotten a few more hours out of this stuff.
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    Picked up Whiskey at TJ Maxx this week... In several reviews I read people state that they don't get the booze or whiskey. I totally get the whiskey from the start, not a fragrant liquor like cognac or brandy, but plain whiskey on the rocks or whiskey soda, like my dad would drink. I never really cared for whiskey or scotch, it always smelled to me like oak wood chips soaked in alcohol, I never got the nuances or intricacies, and this is what Commodity Whiskey smells like to me in the opening. I also get an olfactory sensation of rubber and new car smell (the one with vinyl seats, not leather). It's light and not heady or sweet at all, unlike many other boozy scents out there. It eventually smoothens and mellows out and morphs into a very soft pleasant ambery-musky scent with a hint of smoke. Decent longevity, low projection or sillage. I don't get more half of the notes listed on fragrantica and judging by the reviews there everyone seems to be smelling a completely different fragrance, LOL.

    I need a few more wears, this one is not all it seems.

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    How is Gold? Too feminine?
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