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    Default Does the sample of Le Sillage Blanc go awry quickly?

    I donít mean it went bad, itís just...the scent profile went further away from the notes pyramid every time I smelled it.

    I bought samples of Le Sillage Blanc by Dusita from the luckyscent and perfumes court, and every time when Iím prepared for a Bandit-esque bitter-green-weedy leather, instead, I got a sweet nutty scent. The last time I got this scent is from patchouli of Hindu Grass. So I guess this is a sweet patchouli base?

    I remember when smelling from the sample rod when it just arrived, it does have Bandit vibe. But now, all I get is the sweet nutty patchouli.

    Does that mean the ďBanditĒ evaporates fast from samples? Anyone with big bottles experience this?
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    Default Re: Does the sample of Le Sillage Blanc goes awry quickly?

    I also had high hopes for Le Sillage Blanc since I am a lover of vintage Bandit and even the modern Bandit EDP, but I found it very evanescent. A quick flash of green and then an all-too familiar warm ambery aromachemical base...

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