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    Default Lili Bermuda fragrances,what do you think of them?

    There are very few reviews on them.They seem interesting.Some of their fragrances seem very nice although I get the impression overall they tend not to have good lasting power. Has anyone tried any of their fragrances?What do you think of them?

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    Default Re: Lili Bermuda fragrances,what do you think of them?

    From the one that I owned, not much.

    I blind bought Mary Celestia, which was a limited edition perfume by Lili Bermuda with a very interesting backstory. (Something about a perfume company that had a shipwreck--the Mary Celestia-- in 1864 off the coast of Bermuda....two casks of their perfume were discovered around 2005 when the shipwreck was discovered and Lili Bermuda replicated it and released 1864 bottles of it.

    Anyway, I was super excited to order it since it was a limited edition and coming in from Bermuda (the only place you can get it); it had really cool packaging, and the story that I explained above is actually true. But the fragrance itself turned out to be just okay--a sort of regular light, citrus-floral orange blossom and neroli deal. I tried really hard to like it and may have even tricked myself for a couple of weeks that it was great, but in the end I had to face the truth that it was just alright and not worth all the excitement that led up to it.

    I can't say about their other fragrances. This one cost at least three times as much as their other releases, but I don't think that means it's any better necessarily. For all I know their other stuff could be decent.
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    Default Re: Lili Bermuda fragrances,what do you think of them?

    I have 3 of their fragrances, and by a large margin, my favorite is South Water. That's the one I would recommend if I had to suggest just one to someone. And it has relatively good longevity on me. It's a beachy smelling scent, obviously for warm weather, and I love the way it smells in the summer.

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    The other two I have are Fresh Water and 32° North. Both are very pleasant scents, but I would have to agree.....they don't last long.

    I also bought Mary Celestia but returned it. I agree with was just okay and not worth the additional price they charge.

    The best way to try Lili Bermuda fragrances is to buy their Fragrance Library sampler.
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    Default Re: Lili Bermuda fragrances,what do you think of them?

    Thanks Buysblind and RedRaider430 for your responses.Usually questions about off the beaten path fragrance companies such as this one don't get much attention or responses.At least I got 2 so far.

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    Default Re: Lili Bermuda fragrances,what do you think of them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mayberry2 View Post
    I get the impression overall they tend not to have good lasting power.
    That was my experience with the ones I tried.
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