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    Default What do we know about COMPOSITION 37987-01 SYNAROME ?

    I see on the Ventos site Data sheet that it is at least 12 years old, from 2007. says it uses captive Synarome molecules, describes as a bright Plumeria and Lilac base.
    Calls it Plumone, presumably, trying to link Plumeria and this material.
    Bright, floral (plumeria), green (ivy), lilac, with a musky flavor.

    Input Level:
    Up to 5% in perfume concentrate.

    134 hours on a blotter"

    Do we know anything else about this material? Or any other thoughts?

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    Default Re: What do we know about COMPOSITION 37987-01 SYNAROME ? describes it as being slightly powdery, as well as fruity undertones. I haven't worked with it myself but it seems as though it can help carry certain floral perfumes...

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