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    Default tincturing lavender

    I've tinctured a few things that require a long soak in the ethanol, and others that need only kiss the stuff or fear extracting too much plant matter. I've searched here and elsewhere for the process for lavender and have found nothing to indicate what is best. My lavender is dried and from my yard so I don't have a large quantity. I hope to get something nice this first pass.

    Should the lavender soak in ethanol for a few hours or days?

    Would lavender benefit from using a sous vide or would that be too harsh?

    In the end I will remove the ethanol using a vacuum extractor called the Source Turbo. It's not perfect but it works for what I'm doing.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: tincturing lavender

    I tinctured my lavender for 6 months. It took that long for the tincture to strengthen enough to make an impact.

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    Default Re: tincturing lavender

    Good to know. Thank you.

    I will start with 6 months and then use a hot water bath before filtering. That should have a profound effect on strength.

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    Default Re: tincturing lavender

    Besides just doing it for the sake of tincturing, why lavender? There are many good lavender EOs/absolutes to purchase that will surpass the quality/performance of your tincture.

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    Default Re: tincturing lavender

    There is a sweetness that comes from tincturing that I don't smell in any other lavender products.

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    Default Re: tincturing lavender

    Quote Originally Posted by tuscaloosatanning View Post
    There is a sweetness that comes from tincturing that I don't smell in any other lavender products.
    Is that sweetness the Coumarin?

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    Could be, It doesn't have the camphorous sharp edge. So maybe it isn't sweetness per se but a smoother less camphorous lavender where the other attributes get to shine more.

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    Default Re: tincturing lavender

    I don't find the hobby of perfumery to be fussy enough.

    I'm tincturing for the fun of it, really. I enjoy learning new techniques, self-sufficiency, and curiosity of how it will compare to other sources. I'm making jasmine enfleurage and also working on a batch of wild rose. I will make fleeting but rewarding fragrance.

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