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    Default Post office storage help

    Hey guys!
    This might be a stupid question to ask but i bought a fragrance on Friday that arrived today afternoon (Saturday) in my post office and it will be there till Monday morning when it goes on delivery... Since today and tomorrow (Sunday) we have 31-32 degress celsius is there any potential danger to the fragrance that is sitting in the post office (it is sealed, bubble wrapped and in a cardboard box)

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    Default Re: Post office storage help

    No, it will be fine. Perfume sits on loading docks, in cargo ships and on delivery trucks for much longer than that.

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    Default Re: Post office storage help

    You should be fine.
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    I've gotten really hot bottles that leaked, usually not more than perhaps 5 ml, though, but with really old bottles more can leak out, as I've learned over the years. And I think that if a bottle is kept this way for months or years, the plastic/rubber tube can release gases, which make the liquid in at least the tube smell foul.

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    No worries, the fragrances get shipped all over the world in Hot weather, if that was an issue the fragrance industry woud have major losses during Hot summer months... Also they sit for years during summer and winter in storage and wearhouses that are not air conditioned.
    The fragrances arrived at the same way to major department stores, and are at some point left in custom offices, Hot delivery vehicles etc.
    For example, when i started collecting fragrancesi had a bottle of YSL Kouros unbox left in my bathroom for some 3-4 years, then when i read abot the correct way to storage fragrances i moved it to my closet (to keep it away from light, heat...).... But the point is that the fragrance is excellent still after many years (it was bought 10.2012)
    So no worries, enjoy Your fragrances

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