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    Default Xerjoff La Capitale

    I see it on the website and wanted to know if anyone has tried it. Impressions? Can it work on a guy? I try not to miss out of these so it's a total blind buy but I have a fairly decent xerjoff collection so always looking to add another fragrance.

    Edit: Annnnnnnnnnnnd I bought the fragrance.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff La Capitale

    I got the e-mail this morning about this scent. I can not find very much about it except it was a Moscow exclusive. Notes sound good and the first review I read says it leans feminine but a couple of others added it was unisex. Not much to go on. It is being sold at the Xerjoff Boutique as a limited Edition and at the German house Essenza Nobile. So I will be all ears to see what others think about it.

    Congratulations on your purchase please let us know your thoughts.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff La Capitale

    Congrats, please share your thoughts.
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    Default Re: Xerjoff La Capitale

    Quote Originally Posted by polipluff View Post

    Edit: Annnnnnnnnnnnd I bought the fragrance.
    Congrats on your acquisition!
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    Default Re: Xerjoff La Capitale

    Any thoughts?

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