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    Default Hello! New and need help

    Hi everyone, Iíve only just created an account.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction.

    Iím after a few ideas for separate accords.

    Iím wanting to create a champagne accord. I think it would need lemon, grapefruit and grape.
    Not sure how much or drops I need. Or has anyone else done this?

    A leather accord. I seen someone say cedarwood and nagarmotha but this was 2012. Is there any change or a different way to create leather?

    I could use synthetic oil for these but again I donít know any sites what do a good version

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    Default Re: Hello! New and need help

    DIY section is where you want to go. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Hello! New and need help

    Welcome to you GreenMalteseTweed! Enjoy your time here at Basenotes!
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    Default Re: Hello! New and need help

    Welcome GreenMalteseTweed! I would echo the suggestion of DIY forum as well. Best of luck.
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    Default Re: Hello! New and need help

    Welcome aboard
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    Default Re: Hello! New and need help

    GMT, you should familiarize yourself extremely well, with the database at TGSC, which is most easily searched and accessed via
    On the left column are several types of searches. You might even find a champagne accord there in the demonstration formula section, but it is doubtful.

    Next, you should well familiarize yourself with the three main suppliers of Perfumery materials of the single molecule and bases types, Perfumer Supply House, (PSH), (CP), and Perfumers Apprentice (PA). All three suppliers have their own stocks of different bases of different odor profiles and themes.

    You can find a Leather base that I supply to PSH, and also some of my fruity bases, and a fixative base at PSH that I make for them.

    You might find a leather base at the other two, not sure. but, "Leather" comes in many ways... many things make "leather". I'd encourage you to conduct your own experiments as to how you perceive and wish to present "Leather"...
    Champagne might give you a little more effort to find some type of accord formula to follow though, I haven't really noted one that I can remember.

    Best to you.

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    Default Re: Hello! New and need help

    As Paul suspected, I did not see much myself when trying the search he described.

    By odd coincidence, the first compound mentioned, 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid, I happen to have for a non-perfume reason, but I think it will be little use to you as the odor absolutely never grasped my attention while working with it. It could be a trace component to a champagne accord but by itself would accomplish very little I believe.

    More promisingly we find these:

    White cognac oil 100% Pure & Natural
    Odor Description:Fruity, ethered, winy, with a �champagne� undertone
    A perfect ingredient for alcoholic accords, beverage and ready-made dishes.

    Albert Vieille SAS
    Cognac white Essential oil France
    Odor Description:fruity character, as well as syrupy and butyric facets
    White cognac essential oil comes from the grapevine, Vitis vinifera. This shrub can stretch to several meters in length and is well-known for its grapes, used to make wine. The essential oil of the wine lees is a byproduct of winemaking. White cognac essential oil comes from the Alsatian white grape varieties, the best-known being Gew�rztraminer and Riesling. This essential oil is distilled from the lees in stainless-steel stills. The harvest is performed mechanically starting in the month of September. White cognac essential oil has a fruity character, as well as syrupy and butyric facets. Every year, the wine quality and taste subtly change depending on climate, origin, and soil. This is what makes it possible to create vintages and grands crus. For these reasons, green cognac essential oil has slightly drier notes, as it is produced in Romania, which has a more continental climate.

    Also possibly some Magnolia champaca flower oil could help. To me it's somewhat reminiscent.

    As for creating the accord with individual aromachemicals, I'm afraid I have no idea whatsoever. I suspect the project would have to start with naturals first and then finding by experimentation what is needed to progress further. It also could be that if you found GC/MS data for any of the above it could give clues to what individual aromachemicals to buy, but creating accords from GC/MS data is nowhere near so easy as might be thought.

    On the leather, personally I believe leather is an accord that only a professional perfumer or perhaps a particularly gifted amateur with thousands of hours into the art will do well. I would buy Paul's myself (I have smelled it and it is quite excellent.) There are many accords that are fun to try and learn with even though better can be bought commercially, because you can still get something nice, but leather I think cannot be gotten nice without really being an expert.

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    Default Re: Hello! New and need help

    Brilliant guys! Cheers
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