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    Default Fragrance Killers

    Hi everyone!

    I've been working on a few accords individually, and they are moving in the right direction for what I'm looking for.
    I also did a trial blend of the three accords together, to see how things smell and feel.

    The interesting this is, that even when all four are dipped individually (3 x accord and the combo ) the 3 x accords well outlast the combined product. The combination seems to be gone after a few hours, yet the individual accords are still present on the strip the next day.

    I'm going to do some pairwise matchings of the accords to see if a certain pair aren't 'playing well' together, to try and narrow down the culprit.

    Has anyone had this before? Are they some 'offending molecules' that cause this?

    In the 'lifting department' I have ingredients like PEA, PE Acetate, DMS.
    On the fixing side; Ambroxan, Norlimbanol, Civet, Cashmeran
    among others...

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Fragrance Killers

    Yes, it is not uncommon that scents cancel each other out. It is like painting: you blend to many colors and everything turn brown. It is more uncommon to find the ones that provide synergy and actually makes the scent really come alive.

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