Hey everyone, so I have a formula I'm working on and I'm using a handful of materials at 10% or 1% that are diluted in DPG/ACM. I calculated the mass of the dilutants and for a trial size of 1.5g concentrate, there is an additional ~1.2g of solvent. That is approximately 80% of the oil mass! I'm wondering if this hurts the diffusion performance. When I add the alcohol, I take the dilutant mass into account and only add enough alcohol to get the desired concentration %.

I've almost got the fragrance where I want it, so I may just do a larger trial and use whatever I can neat and do a comparison.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: the simple solution is to dilute whatever I can in alcohol as it won't change the performance. There are some materials I don't want to do this because I am favoring their interactions and schiff base formations.