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    Does anyone have any tincture recipes they’d like to share with me?

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    I'm not much of a tincturer so not really, but I want to make sure your question is clear for everyone:

    Do you mean recipes to make tinctures?

    Or recipes for perfumes or fragrances that are made from purchased tinctures or more likely essential oils?

    If the latter, and if you don't mind spending, here's a fine set:

    Simply mixing essential oils isn't perfumery -- it can be a nice thing in its own right but the results aren't perfumes in the modern sense -- and I have not done anything that was all essential oils in many years so can't provide any examples myself. Most likely others can, if that's what you were asking.

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    If you're looking to make herb tinctures (lavender, thyme etc.) it's certainly easy enough to add sprigs of dried herbs of your choice to 190+ proof alcohol and let them steep -- but for how long I'm not sure. An internet search should turn up that info I would think. Flower buds/petals do not do well steeping in alcohol at all = ugly, stinky mess.

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