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    Default Re: Ok Basenotes, I finally did it. I have placed an order for a 4oz bottle of Aventus.

    Anxiously awaiting also!
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    Default Re: Ok Basenotes, I finally did it. I have placed an order for a 4oz bottle of Aventus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Krycek View Post
    It's been 52 minutes since your last report.
    Please update.

    I'm not sure if you're joking, or genuinely curious, but I'll say a bit more.

    My impression right now is one that I did not expect, and I don't want to say something silly, so I'll save my "what I'm smelling" thoughts for later. I want to be sure that I'm really understanding what I'm smelling here.

    For now, I will say that Armaf CDNIM and Al Haramain L'Aventure absolutely, positively do NOT do this fragrance justice. It's almost comically bad with how far off they are IMO. None of the subtleties I pick up from Aventus are present in the clones at all. IMO, these subtleties all add up to really make this fragrance what it is.

    I knew that I would like the scent profile, however, I had no idea of why all the hype. I just didn't understand, to be quite honest. I sincerely feel that the clones are missing huge swaths of what make Aventus...well...Aventus. I will say that the pineapple note isn't even my favorite part, oddly enough. Yes, it's nice, and is the trademark of this fragrance, but that alone isn't what I'm enjoying the most, if that makes sense.

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    Default Re: Ok Basenotes, I finally did it. I have placed an order for a 4oz bottle of Aventus.

    I don’t like the pineapple, but I still like it overall, while I can smell it.

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    Default Re: Ok Basenotes, I finally did it. I have placed an order for a 4oz bottle of Aventus.

    Alright guys, I'm going to talk a little more in depth There. I thought I was imagining a note, so I checked too see if I was crazy or what. As it turns out, I'm not! LOL!

    I'll start with the opening. It's exciting and pleasant at the same time. I don't know how else to put it. I am used to the harsh openings of the clones, but I knew it really shouldn't be that way. Fortunately, it's not. I get no rough edges, and yet, the opening blast is "delightful" and remains just as "exciting" as the clones.

    It's the kind of opening that really grabs your attention and makes you smile. It also remains very pleasant, and maintains a certain composure the clones do not. Also, it's a pineapple blast vs the lemon blast that you get with the clones. In addition to the fruit, I get just a hint of some woods, but even looking at the list of notes, it has me wondering where I am getting that from. Most likely the birch (it about has to be), but it seems richer/darker smelling than I think of with birch. Perhaps the ambergris is at work here? I don't know.

    Once it begins to dry down is where I feel the real magic starts to happen. The patchouli begins to surface, as well as the "smokey" accord I often see associated with Aventus. IMO, the heart of this fragrance is absolutely gorgeous! Oh my...I could not stop sniffing at myself. I like to take very slow, deep "inhales" with my eyes closed, and really pay attention to what I am getting. That patch and smokiness coming through, with the pineapple top still beaming, is quite nice IMO.

    Lastly, I'll get into the dry down a bit. On my skin, the patch and smokey accords keep growing, but a delicious (gourmand) vanilla comes out as well. The fragrance also seems to get just a tad bit earthy/dirty on my skin. I attribute that to the patchouli developing even more, or even the oakmoss coming out, although I am unable separate (sniff out) the oakmoss note as something that stands out on its own. I REALLY like this dry down, and I mean a LOT. LOL!

    This may be blasphemous, but the patch note in here reminds me of a Tom Ford fragrance, in a way. One of the things I enjoy the most about TF fragrances is their use of patch. It smells earthy to my nose, just as the patch in Aventus. The phase is SO, SO, good IMO. Admittedly, I never did pick up on any of the floral notes I see listed, however.

    Every phase of Creed Aventus separates it from the clones IMO. The fruity/woodsy smooth and pleasant opening, the patch and smoke starting to develop as it dries, and the vanilla/patch/smoke combo in the base to anchor it all together. I get none of these things from the clones at all. As stated, I was really not expecting this at all. I'll be honest here. I was kind of afraid the clones would be close enough, that I would ultimately deem Aventus a redundant, and ultra expensive waste of money. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

    On my skin, the development of this fragrance took me in directions I did not expect. The overall pleasant smell is certainly mass appealing, and the smoke and patch drive Aventus home to be a winner.

    Obviously, I cannot comment on performance yet, but as far as the scent profile and development are concerned, I sincerely feel that the hype is justified.

    Thanks for reading.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I did my first full wearing of Aventus today.

    I normally always do 10 sprays of my SotD every morning, but due to the huge sprays from the bottle, and the cost of the juice, I decided to roll with 5 sprays. The performance was ok, but I would liked to have seen a bit more performance out of it.

    Having said that, I enjoyed wearing it today, and am looking forward to wearing it again. I am going to space out my wearings, to avoid going anosmic, but next time. I'm going full ham with my usual 10 sprays. LOL!

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