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    Default maison incens- recommends ?

    i ordered a sample kit.
    i tried those
    neroli animalis- the animalic note was great, but the neroli wasn't strong and not the kind i like.
    musck dahabi- the opening was strong and very animalic, the dry down was great.
    chypre isli- very nice patchouli and smoke but it didnt got wow

    those i didnt tried yet but i have samples.
    ambre ayanna
    santal tislit .

    what is your rerecorded perfume from this hose? i think that i will order the other house samples.
    im very curious about the ouds and cuir erindil.

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    Default Re: maison incens- recommends ?

    Own bottles of the entire house including their latest release. I'd recommend Santal Tislit. It's quite nice.
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    Default Re: maison incens- recommends ?

    Only have a bottle of Cuir Erindil from this house,

    Its nice but that's generally about it.
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