Hello All,

I just received my first purchase from Fragrance.Net - a bottle of Creed Viking. Naturally I gave the bottle a very close look as I could not believe the price of the 100 ML bottle compared to traditional retailers.

One thing I noticed was the lot # and where it is located on this bottle. My other 100 ML Creed bottles (Aventus, Erolfa, and Royal Mayfair) which were all purchased from B&M authorized retailers do not have this located here. Not saying I doubt its authenticity, but am generally curious since it is different from my other bottles. It seems to be passing the initial test thus far, as it smells great and as expected since I have sampled Viking a few times in the past.

Below is the picture of what I am talking about with the Viking bottle. Not easy to read, but the text says:
"LOT A9617W01

lcz4pWv.jpg skJ3Afz.jpg

An Aventus bottle I have from ~1.5 years ago (purchased at Bloomingdales) has a similar inscription, but on the bottom of the bottle and not the back. That one reads

Appreciate any insight on this. Thanks!