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    Default Aventus Cologne - Incredible longevity

    Sixth time wearing Aventus cologne and I've gotta say, its performance is amazing

    It lasts longer than my vintage and modern batches of aventus. I applied at 9am and can smell it at 7am the next morning.

    Got 2 compliments on it already about 5 hours after applying. If this is how strong it is now, i'm afraid of how strong it'll be when it matures.

    Btw initially I thought it smells like Allure homme sport and didn't like it much and now it smells different. I think people should continue trying it.

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    Default Re: Aventus Cologne - Incredible longevity

    I get very good performance from it also.
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    Default Re: Aventus Cologne - Incredible longevity

    Yes, I can say the same - it has amazing longevity and, what's important, it doesn't make me anosmic to it like regular Aventus

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    Default Re: Aventus Cologne - Incredible longevity

    I received my sample of this today.

    My first impression was that it's "ok". It's pleasant but I see no reason at all to own it if you already have Aventus.

    It strikes me as mainly focusing on the pineapple part of Aventus and becoming rather linear after spraying it on. If you've ever smelled Nishane Hacivat you'll know what I'm talking about.

    In a way, AC kind of reminds me of some of the Aventus clones I have smelled (most of which are also totally focused on the pineapple aspect).

    The real question is which one someone should buy if they don't have Aventus OR Aventus Cologne yet. If someone's mainly all about the pineapple smell, the Cologne just might be what they're looking for.

    It does seem to have good projection and longevity, so don't worry about it being named "Cologne".
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