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    Default Fun little note -- Sampaquita plus Jasmine 231 (Firmenich)

    Nothing earthshaking but fun and maybe useful for someone:

    I had a sample of Jasmine 231 base and it didn't particularly strike my fancy. Nothing bad about it and I could see where many could find it useful, but two aspects were that I guess I'm odd and I generally like sambac more than grandiflorum, and it's a grandiflorum type, and secondly the main thing happening for me was I couldn't help but compare to the absolute and I felt while it's good, it misses the absolute by a lot.

    However I recently read Jamie's blog post on this base and saw his opinion was a lot better than mine so that caused a relook, as well as the idea of trying smelling in combination with Sampaquita to see if maybe the result might be more than just 50/50, six of one half a dozen of the other, ho hum.

    It was! At least for me.

    I thought the combination was really something for a jasmine replacement. Much deeper and becoming three-dimensional. Tantalizingly close to real, which neither alone is. I suspect I could extend absolute with this contributing half and only the very trained would detect a loss. I've never thought that of either alone.
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