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    Default Re: Tuscan Leather worth it in 2019?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks Otterlake View Post
    My bottle--which, again, is the OL 16 Private Blend release--lasts for ages on me. I thought consensus was that the 2018 stuff performed just as well.

    I know there have been complaints that newer bottles of TL don't perform adequately.
    Oh, yeah. I remember the TL performance complaints, now that you mention it. I love OL, but the times I've sampled it, it didn't last long. LOVE the scent though.
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    Default Re: Tuscan Leather worth it in 2019?

    Quote Originally Posted by jkonick View Post
    There's just something incredible about that neon-bright fruity leather that makes me want to bathe in the stuff.
    I agree.

    If I could keep just one fragrance, this would be it.

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    Default Re: Tuscan Leather worth it in 2019?

    I prefer Rasasi La Yuqawam over Tuscan Leather, and find it less harsh and less dirty.
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    Default Re: Tuscan Leather worth it in 2019?

    Quote Originally Posted by powerfultcp View Post
    Just wanted some opinions on if the "reformulated" Tuscan Leather is worth a purchase. If not, worth tracking down a vintage bottle? Better alternatives? Discuss and would love some information. Relatively new, appreciated all.
    Should you target that one, I'd suggest its clone Nabeel Macho Man (roll-on stick) instead, since it's exactly identical and has better projection (not to say that it costs $5 instead of $300). Alternatively, in that "rasperry/leather" department, I would opt every day for AdP Colonia Leather (now simply labelled as "Leather" in its new black bottle), which is more refined and has an evolution that ends similar to TL. Atelier Cologne Oud Saphir is also similar, but smoother and more wearable.

    Even better, since you seem to have big bucks to spend on a leather frag, I will repeat Cacio's previous suggestion to go out and explore some great high-end designer lines and perfume houses leather scents:

    ELdO Rien
    Dior Leather Oud and Cuir Cannage
    Beaufort Vi et Armis, Iron Duke and Coeur de Noir
    Knize Ten
    Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Bottega Veneta ph parfum
    Montale Aoud Leather and Aoud Cuir d'Arabie
    PG Cuir Venenum, Metal Hurlant and Arabian Horse
    Byredo Le Gant and La Botte
    Tauer Lonestar Memories
    Molinard Cuir
    HdP 1740
    Miller Harris Etui Noir
    SL Cuir Mauresque
    Terenzi Ursa
    Guerlain Cuir Intense
    Many ones of Memo Paris (they have 10+ leather frags, the house specialty)

    And even a few great designer (regular lines) ones:

    Chanel Antaeus
    Hermes Bel-Ami
    Etro Gomma
    Bottega Veneta PH Parfum
    Dior Fahreneit EDT and Fahrenheit Parfum (the latter clearly uses the same leather accord in the base as in TL)
    JV Dark Rebel Rider
    Morabito Or Black
    Bogart Bogart (aka Signature)
    Gucci Guilty Absolute

    ...and many others!!!

    To answer the title of this thread: NO, Tuscan Leather is not worth it given the many and great offerings of other houses (independently of 2019 or any previous years). Not that TL is bad, just that you can find the same (and more often than not much more interesting stuff) for 2-4X less money.

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    Default Re: Tuscan Leather worth it in 2019?

    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondflame View Post
    Since Tuscan Leathers debut in 2007 there had been a slew of copycats /contenders, with little tweaks here and there to differentiate themselves from the original.

    Not sure we can talk about about copycats, since the leather/rasperry accord has been created by one of big aromachemicals firm (Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, and so...). Tom Ford has just been the first to whom this molecule has been sold, but he's not the creator of that scent.

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