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    Default The Loewe House.

    Which fragrances from this house do you recommend and enjoy the most?
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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Enjoyed so far quite a few fragrances from this house, especially (in no particular order) Esencia Loewe, Loewe Para Hombre, Agua de Loewe, several takes on Solo Loewe, both the regular Solo Loewe and its Intense and Cedro flankers
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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Esencia Loewe and Loewe PH are great.

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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Been trackin my wears w/SotD feature since 12/14/10; Loewe pH comes in 13th with 46 wears. Fits my scentsabilities like a glove.

    Thought highly enough of Esencia and Agua de Loewe and owned bottles for a bit, but they eventually left the herd.
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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Esencia Loewe - but look for bottles with oakmoss and treemoss listed in the ingredients. These were in there until roughly 2011. Not hard to find and not very expensive. I've got a 150ml bottle from around 2010 that I found on eBay for $60. If you buy a current bottle you'll be disappointed. Not the same fragrance.

    Loewe 7 Anonimo - probably my favorite incense fragrance at the moment. The regular Loewe 7 and Loewe 7 Natural are also good.
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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Esencia Loewe, without a doubt.
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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Personally not a fan of the ones I've thus far tried.
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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    I've got several bottles of Esencia EdP (not the EdT).

    Many guys say it smells like Aventus and I see where they are coming from.
    It goes in the Aventus direction, but is more citrussy and more green.
    Very nice lime notes on top and a fresh lavender/vetiver combination in the heart.

    And it's only 69% alcohol, the rest is the juice. Very high quality scent, nice packaging and great performance - though some will get olfactory fatique very soon.

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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Personally not a fan of the ones I've thus far tried.
    Unfortunately I have to agree with this. Tried them all in Barcelona and wasn’t wowed by any of them.

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    Default Re: The Loewe House.

    Esencia and pH are really the only 2 I've liked from this house. I've been wanting to try the 7 line as it looks interesting though. I have tried a couple from the Solo line, including the original, which I found very boring.. you can just get David Beckham Homme for a fraction the price of Solo. Both sway in the direction of TdH edt.

    Esencia will probably get the most recommends as it is a classic. It's similar to Polo classic, so if you're not into old school, powerhouse smelling, very green and earthy, slightly dirty style frags, you won't like this. Thought even as I was newer to exploring the world of frags, when I hated stuff like Polo, Azzaro pH and other old school chypre's and fougere's, i always loved esencia from the start. it has a universal appeal, despite being an old school powerhouse type of smell. It will never be Cosmair Polo, but it sure as hell kicks the ass of current Polo.
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