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    Default Bought Creed - Aventus. It has longetivity problem. Anyone else having same issues?

    Batch : 19P21

    Bought 50ml bottle from Neiman Marcus. I see online posts saying 19P21 comes wrapped in cellophane. Mine didnít, so I am a little confused. But I donít think a store like Neiman Marcus would sell a returned item as new.

    Test : I was mainly looking for the subtle notes, performance and longevity.

    Performance and longevity: I sprayed it generously on a linen shirt and let it hang in the living room. Went out for a walk and came back thinking my air conditioned apartment apartment kept at 78 degrees would smell of aventus. But after an hour, I could barely smell it in the air. Walking with the shirt held in front of me didnít do anything either. After about 4 hrs, I could smell it only if I put my nose on it. So before going to sleep, I decided to test it against bleu de chanel. Sprayed both on different pieces of thick paper. Woke up this morning and smelled them. Can barely smell aventus, but I can smell bleu de chanel quite strongly on paper. I would say piss poor performance and longevity from a perfume thatís 3 times the price. Rating : 4/10

    Notes : When I first smelled aventus at store, it smelled so animalistic. The opening was a bit sharp for me. Smelled fruity. But I liked the middle notes.. it transformed into floral scent with heavy jasmine notes. And the base notes was a little pineapple ish and musky. Thatís what I remember. It put a smile on my face every time I smelled myself. The bottle I bought, the opening is same as sample I smelled at store. But it never evolved into floral notes. It remains fruity throughout. The base notes are somewhat similar to the sample but quiet not the same. I fee like they are slightly different but canít put my finger on what it is. Rating: 6/10.

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    Default Re: Bought Creed - Aventus. It has longetivity problem. Anyone else having same issues?

    If you're unsure, return it. Voice that it wasn't in cellophane wrapping when you purchased it, contrary to 'typical' new boxes. You can always ask whether they've any other boxes for you to check against, to see whether they are all unwrapped or just your box.

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    Default Re: Bought Creed - Aventus. It has longetivity problem. Anyone else having same issues?

    How do I do that without sounding like I am accusing the employee of swindling me

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