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Thread: Testing Methods

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    Default Testing Methods

    What are your methods for testing a new fragrance?

    I just stumbled on one that worked wonders for me: I have a small walk-in closet. I sprayed my work shirt with three sprays of Amouage Myths Man around 9 pm and immediately left the closet, leaving the door around 5 inches ajar. I sat on my bed to drink tea and use my laptop. Within a few minutes, Myths Man started to project all the way to my bed, which is several feet away. I continued my night, drank more tea, moved around the house. Around the hour mark, I walked into the closet and was greeted by the nicest scent. I picked up a lot more of the florals in Myths Man than I usually do when it's on my skin. I came back around the 2nd hour and repeated. This morning, I woke up at 7:30 and walked into my closet to get dressed. It still smelled of Myths Man and really put to bed (no pun intended) any doubts I might've had about it longevity. Of course, the way a fragrance reacts to skin, changes the experience, but I still think this method is a good indicator of projection and longevity. While there's something wonderful about testing a new fragrance on your skin, olfactory fatigue really needs to be taken into account. It's one thing to enjoy a fragrance for one's self, that's why I buy and wear them, but it's also a good idea to a sense of how strongly you might be projecting for others.

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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    Quote Originally Posted by AOUD View Post
    What are your methods for testing a new fragrance?
    Just spraying on the back of my hand. Has worked fine for me for almost 5 decades.
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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    While I don't use this to test fragrances, I do indeed spray my closet with a cheapie to midlevel scent from time to time. I alternate that with a room and/or fabric deodorizer. Only difference for me is I don't have a door to trap the scent, so to speak. It's just through a hallway that goes past the master bathroom.
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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    It sounds like a great method, especially if one usually sprays in such a way that the clothes get the perfume too.

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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    Clever idea, OP. Since I live alone, I'm never sure about how much projection and sillage my scents have. I'm going to try your method.

    Oh, and welcome to Basenotes!
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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    As previously mentioned, a spray or two on the wrist. I check a few times within an eight hour period.
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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    One spray on the wrist. If I sprayed my closet, it would soon smell like a potpourri of indicepherable scents.

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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    I used to spray solely on clothes but now I spray once or twice on my shirt the night before and then once or twice on my chest the day I'm going to wear the shirt.

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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Clever idea, OP. Since I live alone, I'm never sure about how much projection and sillage my scents have. I'm going to try your method.

    Oh, and welcome to Basenotes!
    Thank you! It's a great method for certain fragrances that cause you to think their longevity is poor. I tried this with Montale's Black Aoud and wow! I knew it caused olfactory fatigue but I didn't know to what extent it did. This perfume lasts forever!

    I'm looking forward to trying it on Amouage's Jubilation XXV as well because I typically only get 3-4 hours with it.

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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnette View Post
    One spray on the wrist. If I sprayed my closet, it would soon smell like a potpourri of indicepherable scents.
    I thought there might be a danger to that. I spray directly on my shirt rather than into the open air. We'll see if my clothes still ends up a potpourri in the end. I'll have to test in a separate closet if that's the case.

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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    I’m seldom hung up on ‘longevity’ issues so a spray to the hand / arm method has served me well all these years. I’d apply an hour before bed and wake up in time to check on the drydown (or lack of one) before I hit the running track /the showers.

    OP’s method is quite clever but a walk-in closet is a relatively small enclosed space where it is easier for fragrances to linger. To further test your fragrance try hanging the ‘scented’ shirt in a well-ventilated room and see if you notice any differences in the scent’s on-fabric performance when you next return to the room.
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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    During the summer when I'm wearing shorts, I'll spray it on my knees so I can guage its performance and projection. This works best when I'm testing one event.

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    Default Re: Testing Methods

    Wrists, other than that, no special methods, precautions, preconceptions, bias and/or habits.
    Though was convinced some time ago that going to test as early during the day, on an empty stomach, with the (almost iconic and famously established) sniffing of coffee beans between separate samplings and/or exposed to as little outer influences as tobacco, alcohol, medication but also pollution etc. could allow fragrance testing results to become even more accurate.

    However, at least personally speaking, almost as soon as deciding to re-test fragrances with no special routine and as frequent but also as random as possible this choice did not much affect just the quantity, the sheer amount of scents newly tested.

    But also the poignancy, the lasting impression, both the usefulness but also the unmistakable joy to test a fragrance both for the first but also for additional, repeated times, all or most of these gradually increased. Therefore allowing for new insights and revelations even after a comparatively tiresome day of already testing 20-30 or slightly more fragrances before.

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