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    Default The Perfumed Court

    Placed an order for 4 samples 3ml. order processed and arrived within 5 days [based in Marietta GA.] Good packaging, each vial individually labeled.......... so far so good.
    Since I am a newbie, I am hopeful that they are not fakes hard to know isn't it?
    I ave not seen their name come up on forum was wondering if any comments / experience with The Perfumed Court.
    I think all is good............

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    They are pricey with uneven service, but absolutely legit.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    They're not fake. That business is legit, and has a bunch of stuff, but it's like a one-person shop, it seems, and can take a long time to ship samples.

    Surrender to Chance and DecantShop, in my experience, have more normal shipping times. ThePerfumedCourt might have more to choose from.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    I've purchased samples from Luckyscent, DecantShop, My Perfume Samples, Perfume Samples & Decants and The Perfumed Court. Luckyscent is my least favorite place because of the tinny vials and the wand applicator. If I had a supply of good vials and sprayers this wouldn't matter, but I don't. The Perfumed Court had the best packaging with glass vials and a larger selection, but you pay for it.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    Only 5 days to get to you? That's good to hear, as they have been notoriously slow for years now.

    Hopefully, things are truly improving with TPC.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    The ladies who run Surrender to Chance originally worked for/with The Perfumed Court, but split with them to form their own business. STC seem to get more attention around here, possibly because their shipping tends to be quicker, but TPC often stocks items that STC do not.

    l have used both on many occasions, & although both are expensive, neither of them sell fakes, & the choice of decant sizes is excellent. Often this is the only way for me to try rare/hard to find fragrances, & l'm happy to recommend both.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    Absolutely legit, as good as any other place to get samples!

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    I have to throw in that when I was posted overseas, Perfumed Court was able to ship APO and packaged the samples in a way that took a beating along the way. I used them quite often for three years. I also liked I was able to get harder to find perfumes to sample.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    I’ve been a customer of TPC for almost 10 years now. Never had a problem. The little coffee candies that used to accompany these packages added a nice personal touch IMO.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    Very legit indeed. And I too used to complain about the slow speed (I live in SoCal), but the last few orders got here in 3-4 days.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court

    I ordered from them and received it pretty quickly within a week. I got samples of CDG, Guerlain, and D.S. & Durga, all well packaged in vials but for some reason I REALLY hated how they smelled on me. I'm hoping it's just the scents and not anything by Perfumed Court.

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