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    Default New member tutorial suggestion

    I think this would be a good idea, particularly regarding setting up one's wardrobe and providing direct links to the marketplace rules, as they are a requirement to posting there. I see so many new and not so new members without wardrobes who are missing out on the ability to ask for purchases and swaps.The marketplace is a gateway to experiencing fragrances that would otherwise be unavailable, or too expensive to get.

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    Default Re: New member tutorial suggestion

    I think it’s a great idea!

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    Default Re: New member tutorial suggestion

    I know nothing of this marketplace you speak of
    A tutorial would be appreciated
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    Default Re: New member tutorial suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheetah1919 View Post
    I think it’s a great idea!
    I agree - could be helpful to new (and maybe even older) members.

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    Default Re: New member tutorial suggestion

    First post, saw this... It would be very helpful!

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    Default Re: New member tutorial suggestion

    Right on.

    Someone making a first post on this makes an impression.

    It's easily done.

    Here's an all-access guide to the site:

    1. Reviews - You can post reviews, but you need to be on Basenotes Plus, or it's a hassle. The key to reviewing is being authentic and not a poser.

    2. Forums - You can post in the forums. You can even start all the threads you want. If you're starting a thread about a perfume marketed to men, you can post in the men's forum, etc. If you're not sure, you can post in general fragrance discussion.

    3. To add fragrances to your wardrobe and to track your wearings in the SOTD feature, you have to go to the page for that fragrance and click "I own this" or "I'm wearing this."

    4. About the marketplace - I think you have to be a member for a while, and then you can post listings. It just works by private message. There's no trick. There are a bunch of rules though, so I usually avoid posting there because I'm never in the mood to check what's ok to post - decants vs. bottles, etc. There's an air of hassle around the marketplace, to me, so I usually stick to eBay for buying. And I just never sell anything - my workaround is to avoid buying stuff I later want to sell. If that fails, the backup plan is to give things away, or even throw them away if finding a taker is a hassle.

    And that's about it. It's pretty user friendly, except when the site goes offline. Even then, its absence makes the heart grow fonder.
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