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    Default Authentic or not?

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    Default Re: Authentic or not?

    Are you getting it from a reputable, trustworthy vendor and are happy with the asking price?
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    Default Re: Authentic or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by Y4S_58 View Post
    I agree, this looks fake to me too.

    The shiny part on the bottle is not right. On a real bottle, it looks kind of like a shiny plaque on the front (at least that is how my bottle looks). This picture looks like a foil process you'd see on a playing card. It's not correct. Additionally, the artwork looks too dark, with the lines being too thick as well.

    The juice is also pure clear in this bottle, I don't know how much batch variations affect juice color, but my juice has a slight green tint to it.

    Based on these things, I would pass.

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    Default Re: Authentic or not?

    Looks like the bottom part has emboss too, it should be flat.

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    Default Re: Authentic or not?

    also, the liquid...... looks to clear.

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