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    Default Is my creed authentic?

    Can you check if my bottle looks legit. I had purchased this back in 2017 from Dubai.
    Please let me know if you need any additional photos.
    The reason I ask is because the cap has started spinning all the way around, I think it used to stay in place earlier.

    ( Sorry mods if this is the wrong place to post. )

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    Default Re: Is my creed authentic?

    From your photos it looks OK to my eyes.
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    Default Re: Is my creed authentic?

    It looks legit to me as well, but I am FAR from being the right guy to ask.

    Having said that, I was comparing it to my 2017 bottle, and it seems to check out ok.

    2017 (or earlier) batch code on a 4 oz bottle. Check.
    Slightly green tint to the juice. Check.
    The artwork, foil, font, and text on the box & bottle are all accurate. I have seen some really poor attempts at trying to get the shiny parts to look right. Check.
    Wonky fitting cap on a Creed bottle. Check.

    It looks good to me OP, but once again, my experience with Aventus is limited to my own bottle. However, its also a 4oz 2017 batch, so there shouldn't be any differences to yours and mine in appearance. From these pictures, this all looks fine to me.

    Another thing to check is the paperwork that comes in the box. This is generally a fold out (thin) paper sheet, and a smaller folded up sheet that is on cardboard stock paper, similar to a thick business card. With the fakes i have seen, they never seem get this thicker cardboard one correct. The real ones will be folded down the middle, and you should be able to put the thinner paper insert inside it (like a paper taco). In fact, that is how I have mine stored in the box.

    You can also pull off the sprayer head to see if it is white underneath. White is real. Lastly, (and the most obvious IMO) is check the batch codes on the box and bottle, to see if they match.

    Hope that helps, and perhaps those with more experience will chime in to assist.

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    Default Re: Is my creed authentic?

    Thanks for the lengthy response. You really cracked me up with : "Ill fitting bottle cap - check"

    As for the papers that came inside, I discarded them a while back, lol. But I'm glad everything else checks out just fine.

    About the batch codes on the box matching the bottle, I'd think that for counterfeiters, especially the good ones - this wouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

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    Default Re: Is my creed authentic?

    Looks real. I have a 2016 which I've used like 3 times and the cap is wonky too.

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    Default Re: Is my creed authentic?

    Looks OK bro

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