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    Default Ambre Orient Armani Prive - watch out, very good fake.

    Not an appraisal as such - although if there's someone who can prove me wrong, or add more info, I'd be very, very intrigued.

    I love the perfume oil I've tried of Ambre Orient

    I love it so much I've been a bit desperate to get my hands on a bottle of what must, surely, now be dwindling stock. And so, despite my better judgement, I bought 3 bottles from a seller in Greece who, quite clearly, was using fake pictures. They were ripped directly from a website I use to buy perfume oils from, which still had their photos up from when they sold this before they ran out of stock.

    Anyway, long story short - they were advertising 5, then strangely sold 1 and quickly dropped down to 1 remaining, and doubled the price. I stupidly thought this might be because they'd just realised what they had on their hands, and acted accordingly. Contacted them: said they still had 3 for sale. 1 had a 'bad lid'. 1 was still boxed brand new (they had pictures of this - seemed genuine, get back to this later). The other was 'taller than the others and coming from a different address'. Right, ok. Alarm bells, but if I get 1 or even 2 out of the 3, I'll be happy - and just claim back for the fakes.

    The 'tall' one was a really, really bad fake which was in the UK, and the seller drop shipped to me - for a sizeable price as well. Frankly, they're a bit of an idiot for even risking this - they paid over £100 for a fake and I don't think their accounts were connected, as they left feedback for each other. Maybe all a linked scam network, who knows, but I think this is more stupidity than a well thought out scheme. Aaaaaanyway...

    Cut forward to today, when I've received the 2 that came from Greece. I open one which is unboxed - the 'bad lid'. Very obviously a fake. The sprayed comes off in the lid - it's literally jammed in it. Looks exactly like other fakes I've seen. Ok, move on.

    Now, this boxed one is incredible. The box feels genuine, looks genuine, and the bottle does as well. Very, very similar to the other Armanis I own - but they're all 250ml, and this was 100ml, so I cannot directly compare.

    What was really painful was that, when sniffing the nozzle without spraying, it smelt like Ambre Orient. I thought I'd lucked out - 2 fakes, yes, but 1 genuine one. And then I sprayed. And...yes, obviously fake. I have no idea what this stuff is, but it's used by ever scammer - typically from an Asian background, so no idea if that's where it's being made - for any perfume I've ever tried. It's...not even like a perfume. Just a harsh, chemical mess. Presumably some generic perfume swill that could, frankly, be dangeros - I've had a headache all day, if that means anything.

    So, obviously disappointed, but my question is this: is this a real bottle, or is this the best fake you've ever seen? A few things worth noting: everything looks genuine including the cap, sprayer, it feels solid and well made, but whereas my other Armani Prives turn transluscent when held up to the light, and you can see the liquid inside, this is fully transparent. There is also a seam diagonally across the top: again, not on my other Armanis, so not sure. Those are the only 2 signs on the bottle it might be a fake: otherwise, this could well be a real bottle which has been refilled with much and sold on.

    To finally sum up, I've been fully refunded very quickly after pulling a no nonsense message - and he's waiting for me to send them back, which he'll pay for. Remains to be seen if he really is just an idiot, or I need to be wary about returning before payment has cleared (all done via PayPal), but thoughts on this bottle?



    For some reason the photos have uploaded horribly, which I can only apologise for - I have next to no idea how to navigate this part of the website if I'm honest.

    But would love any sort of feedback if anyone has any to share.

    Also - if anyone owns Ambre Orient, PLEEEEASSSSSEEE get in touch if you're willing to sell even a sample. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Ambre Orient Armani Prive - watch out, very good fake.

    Glad you got refunded for the ones you were not happy with. I own a 100ml of the original release which I bought directly from Armani in NYC and like you, love the stuff. No expert on detecting fakes, but have to say that the one in your photo , if it is in fact a fake is a convincing one for sure.
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    Default Re: Ambre Orient Armani Prive - watch out, very good fake.


    I'm leaning towards it being a real bottle, filled with gunk. Which is a real shame.

    This is swiftly becoming my white whale of a fragrance, unfortunately. I wish I had been knowledegable enough before this was discontinued to purchase a bottle like you - but, there we go.

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