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    Default Calibrating musks

    So I think I'm probably going to end up buying Kiehls Original Musk, because I want a wardrobe staple. But before I do, I'm curious. I've been testing all over the musk spectrum (notes below), and I'm wondering what else there is out there in the "just animalic enough" category. You know: chilled-out. Warm and inviting. That smile that says "I'm listening", not the "every tomcat in town is following me" walk of shame.

    Philistine meets the musk family:

    MKK - Smells exactly like the leather jacket my ex-boyfriend pretty much lived in. Not at all unpleasant to my nose, but not something I could see myself actually wearing outside of a sex club.

    Musc Ravageur - I liked it a lot but felt it would be a bit of a handful. Probably better reserved for evenings. Also it's way outside my budget for a full bottle.

    Narciso Rodriguez everything - I have tried them all and I cannot find a frag from this house that doesn't have something in it I hate. I think there's something in the house DNA that I just don't enjoy.

    Alaia Nude - A really lovely "your skin but better" scent, but one that's designed to meld with oestrogen-powered skin chemistry. It's too sharp and sour on mine.

    Numerous white musks from all over the price and gender spectrum - either wayyyy too polite and nicey-nicey or eyewatering soap bombs. The closest to one I'd wear was Prada Amber PH but it's still a laundry musk at heart.

    Jovan Musk Oil (a dirt cheap synthetic musk in edt form) - entirely wearable but doesn't really have a personality. I use it for layering a lot, to add oomph to overly polite white florals.

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    Default Re: Calibrating musks

    Perhaps Musk to Musk by Montale might be worth a try.
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    Default Re: Calibrating musks

    Depending on taste, Etat libre d'orange Rien has a dirty musk in the base together with the leather. I love it, and it's not like MKK, but still, it's dirty, so I'm not sure it will be too much for the requirements.

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    Default Re: Calibrating musks

    I'll add Amouage Gold Man. There's definitely animal feel to it but it's not over bearing. It's combined with florals and balsamic accords.
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    Default Re: Calibrating musks

    I would go with the Kiehl's Original Musk. Good choice.
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    Default Re: Calibrating musks

    The wonderful ClaireV produced a two-parter of musk articles that you should read.

    20 Musk Fragrances To Smell Before You Die

    I agree with Kiehl's being a great starter musk. I like Muscs Koublai Khan a lot also, but it's not a starter musk and is stupidly expensive now.
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