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    Default Fille en Aiguilles & Micallef Seducteur

    I tried Seducteur at home off a sample a while back, and it reminds me quite a bit of Fille en Aiguilles, except that it is less syrupy, more dry and spicy (does that make it more 'masculine'?).

    I remember back in the day (2013-2016) there was quite a bit of chatter/discussion around Fille en Aiguilles and many men (here at MFD) were looking for something akin to FeA without the syrup or 'more masculine' or prolonged pine notes. Seducteur might be worth trying - that is if you can somehow get hold of a sample as this line seems hard to try. This one has four reviews on Basenotes (2 negative, 2 neutral), but IMO it's much better than that distribution would suggest. I didn't have enough of a sample to properly assess and rate it, but it'd range 2.5-3.5 out of 5 in my books (neutral-positive).

    Of course, your mileage may vary.

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    Default Re: Fille en Aiguilles & Micallef Seducteur

    Own and like both, but prefer the Micallef as like you I do find it spicier.
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    Default Re: Fille en Aiguilles & Micallef Seducteur

    It sounds good, FeA can be a bit sweet. But you’re right, Micallef can be hard to track down.

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    Default Re: Fille en Aiguilles & Micallef Seducteur

    Sounds like one I'd better try out as FeA is one of my ALL TIME FAVES!!! Thanks for the tip...

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