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    Hi this is honestly the first time Iíve ever uploaded photos to the internet so I hope I did it right. I bought this bottle from itís been giving me a headache since I bought it and doesnít quite smell like the smell I got at saks when I tried it on my wrist. The things that Iím most worried about are th odd indentations by the C and second E (the bottom right on last line on E) Iíve never seen those indentations on any picture on the internet so far. Also the logo on the cap, the right leaf, the stem doesnít go as high when it curves as other photos seem to show the stem going higher. any help would be appreciated and I can upload more photos the batch is s4218b11 reference 1105042

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    Of course anything is possible, but if you got it from Fragrancenet, I would be shocked if it were determined in fact to be a fake.
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    It look legitimate to me, and coming from Fragnet, you have nothing to worry about. They only sell legit products. All the fakes I have seen are obvious with even a quick glance.

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