Ok, so to me, this looks authentic BUT I do find a couple of questionable things I notice, I hope you can take a look and give me your thoughts.

The medallion (bottle is laying flat on table) looks not perfectly smooth in the grooves like the bottle of Jubilation I bought from a reputable seller on ebay. Also the screen printing of "Amouage" is rather flat whereas it's noticeably more 3d on my Jubilation bottle. The cap is really nice and weighs 2 grams different from the J25 cap. Cap is magnetic and the magnet prevents capping backwards. Bottle is actually slightly different in weight but not enough to make me super concerned. Slight scuffing on the metalic sides where it fits into box bottom.

Batch code on box DOES NOT MATCH bottle


It smells nice, I have nothing to compare it to. This bottle was made in UK but the J25 was made in Oman, for reference.

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