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    Default Opium pour homme edp and similar scents.

    Greetings all,
    I've read posts from this site to gain knowledge on scents many times, and I finally decided to make an account. My main cologne for years has been Opium pour homme edp, but here in the USA it's become impossible to get the edp version. I've tried Gucci pour homme and I like it, but not nearly as much as opium. I'm looking for suggestions on scents similar to Opium pour homme edp , and perhaps a good place to order Opium PH edp that will deliver to the USA because my eBay purchase left me out a little over a hundred dollars and holding a fake (smells like rubbing alcohol and cheap incense) tester.
    TIA for any responses, Ogre.

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    Default Re: Opium pour homme edp and similar scents.

    Fragrantica says that closest fragrance is Opium EdT

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    Default Re: Opium pour homme edp and similar scents.

    Possibly also-having so far enough experience with both-the limited edition flanker Opium Eau d'Orient

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    Default Re: Opium pour homme edp and similar scents.

    Welcome to you The OgreKhan! Enjoy your time here at Basenotes! Opium EDT is your best bet IMO.
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    Default Re: Opium pour homme edp and similar scents.

    You may want to try Boucheron Jaipur Homme EDP. Same style, but not exactly similar. Can be found online for ~$30-40

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