I've been looking for some discontinued perfumes lately, and noticed that in one of the BN posts EnchantePerfumes was mentioned.
I was amazed to find there some quite rare perfumes I'd been hunting for some months (I'm new to this). It' incredible! I thought those frags were only available on eBay and similar sites.

They are based in Canada, but they seem to send the orders to the US. I started reading Canada Post shipping rules and got confused, as perfumes are clearly listed as flammable goods, yet below it says that it actually depends on how diluted they are. More googling - more confusion. In some countries the shipping rules are very strict (e.g.UK), so I'm kind of afraid to order, but the temptation is too strong.

Has anyone successfully ordered from them recently?
Were there any taxes or problems with delivery?
Are there any decent websites based in the US, that offer rare and discontinued fragrances, besides the ones mentioned in the article? I wasn't able to find the ones I was looking for on those sites.
Thank you.