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    Default Stella Mare Candles by Pacifica Candles

    Just a quick note to let you know that all Soy and Paraffin Stella Mare hand poured Candles, are currently available at
    Pacifica Beauty in Portland, Oregon sold the last remaining stock to Pacifica Gifts in Hood River, Oregon. Shipping is Free on all orders over $50 and all orders receive a free votive. If you have any questions please call 541-490-1957 or if you are in Hood River, visit our brick and mortar store at 410 Oak Street.

    Maureen Donald

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    Default Re: Stella Mare Candles by Pacifica Candles

    Thanks for the info, Passed it on.
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    Default Re: Stella Mare Candles by Pacifica Candles

    Thanks henic. We appreciate it! Ever since Pacifica Candles quit making Stella Mare Candles we have had so many customers wondering where they could purchase the full line of Pacifica and Stella Mare fragrances. When the opportunity to purchase the remaining 17,000 + soy and paraffin candles we had to go for it. They are stored in a cooled, storage area and wrapped in plastic wrap to preserve the freshness of the fragrances. Thanks again for helping us spread the word.


    Kevin and Maureen Donald.

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