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    Default Really weird LOGO on DIOR sauvage edt


    I bought a dior sauvage EDT.

    Batch code 7Y03

    Smells similar.

    Magnetic cap snaps in place properly.

    Black atomizer with good mist spray.

    Box printing looks ok.

    bottle looks ok.

    Everything seems to check out.

    However, the logo on the bottom of the bottle is different. Its more of a separated C and D, while on other dior sauvage its a join CD.

    The seller claims its because its an old stock from a different region.

    Has anyone here any thoughts about it, please advise, much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Really weird LOGO on DIOR sauvage edt

    If everything else checks out, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Default Re: Really weird LOGO on DIOR sauvage edt

    Does it smell fine? If you have access to a bottle that you're certain is original, you could do a split test with one spray of each on either arm. See the longevity and dry down. Best and most certain way to tell if a perfume is authentic. Counterfeiters can get a perfume to smell almost similar on the opening, but the whole dry down and identical longevity is next to impossible to achieve. If it's fake, you'll be able to easily tell as the heart and base opens up.

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