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    I got a sample of [synthetic] elemol, the most important constituent in elemi oil. The smell is very difficult to describe. The closest way I can describe it is it smells like lemony dill pickles, but in a strangely resinous sort of way, and the fragrance very much has the terpene-like quality of rose geranium leaves. It smells a little like turpentine, or a varnish on a fine wood, but slightly sweet, and there's a slight spicy note of nutmeg. It's neither really an edible or a clean-type smell. Elemol is also supposed to be one of the important constituents in carnation oil, and I think I can detect a slight floral quality to it, a bit floral like the bergamot note in some tea roses. It has the powdery smooth dryness of nutmeg and bergamot as well. I can't say I necessarily like the smell or dislike it, but it could add a very unique accentuating note to some perfumes.

    Actually there's something in the smell that's a little bit green (or feels like more yellow-green). It seems very reminiscent of something I've smelled before but I can't put my finger on it; kind of like fennel root, but the musty skunky component of it, with a green spiciness mildly reminiscent of clover. It smells like the roots of some sort of earthy green herb, maybe pungent a bit in the same type of sense as garlic. Oh, I know what it smells like, it smells kind of like Thyme or curry leaf.

    I also got to smell Elemi oil in a high end perfume shop. (They had a shelf with all the ingredients that you could smell individually)
    The natural Elemi smelled substantially different from elemol, but similar in a certain way. The natural Elemi smelled more complex and sophisticated, and I would say better.
    It also did smell very slightly lemon astringent (in the same type of way as Australian lemon myrtle but not nearly as overpowering).

    So there obviously seems to be some compounds in Elemi oil that are important to the fragrance beyond just the primary one elemol.

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    Good description

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