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    Default ISO E Super help

    Iíve recently bought iso e super. Before I use it and potentially ruin a blend, I looked on an iso e super topic on here. Some people say itís bland, some say it disappears, some say itís good at mixing with other elements.

    Iím not asking for advice for me, Iím asking for advice on your experience with it.
    What is it good to blend with?
    How much oz do you think is suitable in a 50oz mix?

    Iím aiming for a warm-ish base, something similar to Aventus.
    But Iím not sure if this is a fragrance element on its own or itís used to beef up other components?

    Can anyone share their experience with using this, how much they used, what to mix it with etc..?



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    Default Re: ISO E Super help

    It is very much a matter of opinion.

    As completely personal opinion, as I don't find it an interesting material or one that brings me any enjoyment, minimizing cost per kilo of concentrate isn't a goal for me, and I try to stay away from seeming generic, ordinarily I have it in a formula if I have made it part of a wood base I've made. In a wood base it could be anywhere from probably 20-200 ppt within the base. Or within a formula itself typically I try it at only 20 ppt and go from there.

    Nothing wrong with going a lot higher, for many things, but it's worth starting low, I think, rather than assuming a large amount is necessarily needed.

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    Default Re: ISO E Super help

    Personally, I love the smell of it as well as Timbersilk and use both fairly often, especially as a base in woody or softer amber notes. Looking at notes I have it an average of 3-10% of the fragrance concentrate - sometimes less or not at all, though. There is a recent thread about an Aventus-type formula on here and I think the % was fairly low.

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    Default Re: ISO E Super help

    Iso-E-Super is one of my most favourite materials.
    If you are looking for something warm, then yes, to me - Iso E Super is 100% warmth.

    IMHO -
    - It is soft, buttery and smooth.
    - it has a woody musk note.
    - it is cedar + sandalwood
    - it has this deep, sensual musk note to it - similar to sandalwood.
    Some people claim iso e super is a sexual attractant.

    - it is not 100% transparent, but perhaps 70% transparent
    (galaxolide, or hedione are far more transparent)

    Iso E Super is woody and can be used in so many different formulas.
    It can be used in floral accords and even green accords to bring some warmth, body and presence to a composition.
    It lasts a long time, and it

    Sometimes I wear it as a perfume all by itself.

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