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    Default Scent in Dial Marula Oil body wash

    Hello all,

    I've seen this question posted before but I have yet to see anyone answer it. Anyone decipher what this beautiful scent is yet?? It's not the marula oil, that I know. One blog I've read described it as brown surgary-caramel-y-with a hint of floral. I agree with that.. but I would love to try and figure it out so I can make soap with this fragrance.. as close to it as possible anyway. Hoping someone can help!!



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    Default Re: Scent in Dial Marula Oil body wash


    I'll have to smell this then! Brown sugar-caramel could be an amber like benzoin or labdanum, or even immortelle (which is stronger), plus a touch of vanilla.


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    Default Re: Scent in Dial Marula Oil body wash

    I think I'll have to try it too. Out of 37 reviews on the Walgreens site, almost every one of them mentions the fantastic smell of it before they mention its cleaninsing or moisturizing.
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    Default Re: Scent in Dial Marula Oil body wash

    Does this have anything to do with the marula fruit from South Africa?
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    Default Re: Scent in Dial Marula Oil body wash

    Yes. Marula oil has been extremely fashionable in skincare over the past few years. Evidently to the point that production must have ramped up and the product is now entering drugstore products.

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