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    Default Helmut Lang Parfum 20ml - any thoughts?

    Is anyone familiar with the vintage extrait de parfum, 20ml (not the eau de parfum)? If so, how does it compare to the edp? I know it’s rare. I just can’t seem to find any reviews or mentions.
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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Parfum 20ml - any thoughts?

    I own a 20ml bottle of the extrait. Unfortunately I don't have the eau de parfum to compare. It is lovely and fairly persistent, but in a quiet way. It definitely smells just like my recollection of the EDP, maybe just a little deeper, and perhaps a hair stronger in the animalistic notes. Overall, though, it's not a drastic departure from the EDP based on my memory, unlike for example Guerlain, Dior, Chanel in extrait vs lower concentrations, which more smell like reorchesrated scents in all their different formats. Just my two cents!

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Parfum 20ml - any thoughts?

    Thank you nmalakhow! Your feedback is what I was hoping to hear. I found a bottle on eBay for $90 and pulled the trigger. If anything, it will be a great backup to the vintage edp that I own.

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