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    Default Group buy of EO and Absolutes from Egypt

    On a recent trip to North Africa I meet with producers of high quality Essential oils and Absolutes. Many of them rare and difficult to find. I can't afford to buy a whole Kg of oil or 1/2 Kg for the absolutes, If anyone is interested it would be great to share an order preferably with people living in the US to make shipping easier. Here is a list of what they have. I just requested prices so hopefully I will have an idea next week of costs.

    Lavender cotton

    Celery leaf

    Celery seed


    Petit grain key lime

    Bitter orange green

    Bitter Orange Abs

    Petit grain mandarin

    Orange blossom abs

    Cumin “ex-distilled”

    Jasmin special

    Jasmin Abs


    Carrot leaf

    Tomato leaf

    Honeysuckle xtra

    Carnation ext

    Strawberry leaf

    Mango leaf

    Blue Chamomile

    Chamomile blossoms

    Black cumin

    Olive fruit Abs

    Olive Fruit Abs Xtra

    Olive leaf abs

    Olive leaf Abs Xtra

    Rose Damascena Abs

    Rose centifolia Oil

    Rose Centifolia Abs



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    Default Re: Group buy of EO and Absolutes from Egypt

    Unfortunately, they do not allow group buys on BN, unless you have status for selling things, for which not even I pass their test.
    We must take if off BN.
    We can do it in my FB group instead.
    Paul Kiler
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    In addition to Our own PK line, we make Custom Bespoke Perfumes, perfumes for Entrepreneurs needing scents for perfumes or products, Custom Wedding Perfumes, and even Special Event Perfumes.

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    Default Re: Group buy of EO and Absolutes from Egypt

    Hi Paul, sorry, I was not aware, I already posted to FB but can’t seem to find how to delete here. Do you know how ? Thank you Gus
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