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    Default VCA Santal Blanc - anyone tried it?

    Just curious if anyone has tried it. It sounds like a milky Sandalwood, but Neimans near me does not carry this one yet. So curious to hear what people thought.

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    Default Re: VCA Santal Blanc - anyone tried it?

    Happen to own this and it's a very nice woody & musky scent with a nice fig opening. Performance on my skin very good.
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    Default Re: VCA Santal Blanc - anyone tried it?

    I just read a positive review of this here:
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    Default Re: VCA Santal Blanc - anyone tried it?

    Tried it in Paris. As far as I remember, average projection at best. Quite soft and soothing. Not full bottle worthy for a man imo, unless one can find it heavily discounted. For a woman, it may tick a few boxes, but it's nothing groundbreaking or unseen before.

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