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Dear Base Notes community , I am a natural perfumer from Melbourne , Australia and I have commenced a kickstarter campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to fund materials (naturals in the form of absolutes, e.o's, isolates an compounded isolates), bottles, to establish my website and to secure a license occupy a stall at an artisan market.

Here is a link to the campaign :

Every little bit helps, there are even pledge rewards if you feel called to pledge particular amounts .

Note, this business is registered in Australia and I comply with all legal, taxation and reporting obligations.

Thank you for your interest an support

What I'm currently wearing:

My own creation set in South Australian spirit :

Base- cacao abs, tonka abs, vanilla abs, castoreum
Middle - Morrocan rose abs, Turkish rose abs, jasmine gr. , peach compounded isolate
Top - litsea e.o, grapefruit e.o, heliotropin isolate.