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    Default Creed Santal Imperial price ?

    Hello Everyone,

    I own a vintage bottle of Creed Santal Imperial 75ML that I'm willing to sell, without box and cap, i have absolutely no doubt on it's authenticity since it was sold to me by a famous independent store in France ( they stopped retailing Creed fragrances and had some brand news bottles remaining, so probably unused tester ) when I bought one of their original offering .

    I love this one, but almost never use it, the bottle is nearly full, smells great, batch code is c2108a02, the lettering is coming off a little bit . How much would be a faire price for this one, in your opinion ?

    here are some pictures :


    Thanks a lot for your help !

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    Default Re: Creed Santal Imperial price ?

    Perhaps $250 would be my fair guess.
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