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    Default Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    My mom wants me to help her get three fragrances for her sisters. My mom knows I am familiar with the hobby, but my knowledge ends at any female related recommendations. I need some ideas that meet the following criteria:

    1) Budget: Max $50 per fragarnce
    2) Hot Weather Appropriate
    3) Age Appropriate (50s)

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    The budget is pretty tight.

    Perhaps you can check at your local TJ Maxx/Marshalls or the like. Recently, i've seen some Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, which is quite fresh and light and good for the summer.

    Certain Estee Lauders used to be around $50 as well, but I think it is no longer the case. The classic Youth Dew is still so, I think. Not exactly fresh, though.


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    Default Re: Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    Yardley perfumes are pretty good for the cost (under $20) and you can find them on amazon. Straight forward fragrances like English Lavender, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Violet, etc...

    Woods of Windsor is also a good buy. About $25-30 for the perfume and sometimes you can get a bath set.

    I also like Inis and Innisfree:
    By the same group that does Patrick (also great, I wear this one too)
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    Default Re: Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    Where do you live? If you’re based in the US, Fragrancenet might be a good source.

    I would suggest three different Guerlain Aqua Allegoria EDT’s.The larger bottles are within your price range at discount, and they are quite pretty. The scents are light and suitable for hot weather, and the gifts will be equivalent, but different.
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    Default Re: Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    Tocca, available at Sephora, has some nice scents, and rollerballs are under $30. Women seem to like both Stella and Collette and my Sephora carries six or eight of the line. Stella and Collette are just the ones I've heard buzz about.
    SmellBent will send you five 4ml atomizers from your choice of 39 possibilities for $35. I wear Werewolf Lumberjack and Smoked Ambergris and I'm older than your aunts. You could get 15 different ones and the ladies could pick what they like from the bunch.
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    Default Re: Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    All the advices look very good. I personally like grayspoole's suggestion of three different scents from Guerlain Aqua Allegoria line the most - the bottles really look gorgeous and all the scents are fresh, suitable for warm weather and very likeable while staying interesting. And all gifts would be equivalent, and they could swap their bottles between them if need be.
    Pamplelune is my favourite from the line, but I actually would advise not to get that one, as this scent is infamous for going sour and urine-like on some people's skin while behaving well on others. Bergamote Calabria, Mandarine Basilic, Ginger Piccante, Herba Fresca, Passiflora, Perra Granita - they all are very lovely and all very suitable as gifts.
    Guerlains are also available in online discount shops for better prices in Europe, too.

    Or maybe you have already got the presents? What did you choose?

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    Default Re: Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    Thank you for the suggestions. I took my Mom to the local mall/Sephora to test out a few things and we've settled on the following:
    1. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
    2. Issey Miyake l'eau dissey for woman
    3. Guerlain's Pampleleune (I almost forgot about the aqua allegoria line. thank your for the reminder)

    Thanks everyone.

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    Default Re: Need Recommendations for Three Aunts

    Definitely fresh and good for the heat.

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