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    Default Oils for royalty

    I'm fascinated by the idea of oud oils and attars being created for royalty and then made available to the general public, albeit at a very high price point. The only ones I am aware of as a novice are Arabian Oud's King Fahd and Prince Diamini blends. Has anyone tried these and if so, how do they smell??

    Are there others that I'm missing and would you be so kind to tell me what they are?
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    Check out the 'Al Malek XYZ' oils and 'Al Ruba'ie II' from Al Shareef Oudh. Some of the bests available in the market.

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    The al Malek al malayzi is very satisfying. Very expensive but a true benchmark for Malaysian oud. Very complex and multilayered aroma - a dignified and mature oil but in no way dulled or diminished. Smells like it was distilled from mature wood.

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    i have king fahad and both prince diaminis which are all very nice especially king fahad correctly regarded as one of the best blends available. it is very strong at potent. the prince diaminis (one is with oud the other without) are both nice and the oud one is nicer,but the diminis are not in the same league as king fahad.
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    They say you can automatically charge 5x what you normally would if it's for a wedding. You can charge 100x what you normally would if it's for the wealthy. Doesn't change what the product is. Take that as you may...

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